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Searchplus proposes this executive search solution for companies who: 

- Have no immediate executive appointments need, but desire a market overview in order to be well situated for a fast executive placement in the future.​

- Want to be certain that, as a particular role need arises, the ideal candidate does in fact exist in the market.

- May have a potential Executive Search need, but remain uncertain until there is a more comprehensive understanding of the market via the Executive Market Mapping report, at which point the company is better equipped with the necessary information to decide whether or not to open the headcount to new executive appointments.

- Are engaged in the process of succession planning, diversity mapping or general executive benchmarking.

- Intend to expand or launch into a new market or geographical location and want to understand the local talent pool, before deciding whether to conduct an Executive Search locally or expatriate a manager for these executive jobs.

By mandating Searchplus for our Executive Market Mapping solution, our clients can be assured that: 

- Through thorough identification and analysis they will be readily armed with accurate data on the focus market,

- As well as a comprehensive mapping of the prevalent talent solutions required for making an informed decision for their current, or future, Executive Search requirements.


Clarify the likely/possible requirements of your business, and who the most suited candidates are in the market for those positions.

Research the company structures of growing businesses and the people in them, to understand their strategies and how they are driving growth

Set realistic and achievable standards and benchmarks based on the market.

Recruit faster and more efficiently. Generate a talent pipeline a group of already identified quality candidates allows the rapid acquisition of critical new hires when the need arises 

Refine your view of who your competitors for talent are and how this landscape is likely to change.

Facilitate Well-Executed Succession Planning. Planning for the smooth hand over of responsibilities is key to continuity. 

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