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An Industry in Constant Change


There is no time to get comfortable and having the ability to continuously challenge yourself and your company is essential for establishing a sustainable growth High Tech is an industry in constant change. There is no time to get ”comfortable” and the ability to continuously challenge yourself and your company is essential for establishing a sustainable success. As consumers are becoming increasingly impatient, they want more and they want it faster. At Searchplus we recognise this fact and know the importance of reacting accordingly. 


The reasons not to implement open innovation are second-order: the inconvenient truth is that open innovation works.

Robert Madelin Senior Innovation Adviser to the President of the European Commission (2015-2016)

Navigating the Shifting Landscape


Converging technologies have shaped the opportunities and challenges facing major multinationals, growth companies, startups, private equity and venture capital funds alike. Technology, media and telecommunications knowledge has become a required leadership tool for companies across all industries.

Our Technology, Media & Telecommunications Practice has helped build the leadership teams and boards of a number of preeminent companies around the world, as well as emerging players beginning to make their mark in the industry.


We have a proven track record of successfully placing positions such as: 


A global leading retail company

IT Director

A leading a leading European automotive MNC.


An industry leading pre-IPO A.I. company


An industry leading facial recognition company

Head of Corporate Operations

A market leader in the design and manufacture of market-focused embedded electronic hardware.


An industry leading e-Commerce company

Managing Director

A global management consulting and professional services firm

Country Manager IoT

An industry leading  Manufacturing company

Sales Director

A pre-IPO Chinese business disrupting the procurement and payments industries with its innovative, world class technology.



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© 2018 SearchPlus All Rights Reserved


© 2018 SearchPlus All Rights Reserved

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