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Welcome to Searchplus. We are an executive search firm that cares. Where passion, innovation and nurture goes together with better performances.




Searchplus is an executive search firm that cares. It's a place where passion, innovation and nurture go together with better performances. We specialize in the areas of the Internet, Technology, Professional Service and Life-Science. We offer our clients personalized Executive Search, Professional Search, Cross-Boarder Talent Solutions, market research and market entry services. We have an internationally diversified team of researchers, consultants and marketers with years of experience within the executive recruitment sector. By incorporating our global perspective with the rigorous work ethic characteristic for Asia, we can achieve a higher level of success. At Searchplus, we believe that it is by combining passion with dedication and hard-work that you will become exceptionally good at what you do.






Our consultants offers multiple sources of information to create a broad picture of the existing market, customers, problems, competition, and growth potential for new products and services.





Our comprehensive industry knowledge and network allows us to offer our clients the necessary assistance in order for business to succeed in the long term.


We provide a comprehensive range of services that are supported by our industrial expertise, insightful local market knowledge and exceptional methodology.



Our core values are passion, nurture and innovation. We’re a company that focus on our candidates and clients. That means not only meeting, but also exceeding their expectations by constantly performing on the highest possible level with the passion and care needed to build everlasting relationships with the people we come in contact with. As we organize our work in teams, we know first-hand that it is imperative to work together and to help each other in order to grow on both a professional as well as on a personal level. It’s with the same philosophy that we treat our clients - from local entrepreneurs to Fortune 500’s.


Our mission is to connect our clients with the best candidates by integrating the latest technological trends with the innovation needed to perform on the highest possible level. To combine traditional consulting service with more technological focused solutions is part of our mission to create more value for our candidates and clients.


Explore our job opportunities to see where you can take your career next.

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