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Research suggests that nearly 50% of the world’s population use the Internet on a daily basis -and the number is still growing. As new people enter the fascinating world of the Internet, so does new entrepreneurs hoping to gain a piece of the market.

In order for any organization to achieve viable growth and progress, the people you surround yourself with has to be people who add value to your business. During the years, we have gained experience working with both startups as well as more established companies within the Internet sector. We have successfully placed positions such as CTO, CIO and COO.


There is no time to get comfortable and having the ability to continuously challenge yourself and your company is essential for establishing a sustainable growth High Tech is an industry in constant change. There is no time to get ”comfortable” and the ability to continuously challenge yourself and your company is essential for establishing a sustainable success.

As consumers are becoming increasingly impatient, they want more and they want it faster. At Searchplus we recognize this fact and know the importance of reacting accordingly. We have a proven track record of successfully placing positions such as: GM, VP and Senior Directors.

proffesional services

The distinguishing feature of a Professional Services organization is that it does not sell tangible products. Instead, it has production processes that are wholly dependent on expertise and skills. Thus, more than any other industry, corporate success depends heavily on the quality and availability of human capital talent. 


Searchplus has expertise in the following business sectors: Accounting Firm, Business Services, Human Resource Services, Law Firms, Management Consulting and Real Estate Services. 


We have successfully placed positions such as Partner, HR Director and various Director level roles.



The healthcare and life sciences sector faces a landscape with overwhelming complexity, ambiguity and shifts in regulation and stakeholders – all with game-changing leadership requirements. Roles and strategies are being redefined as new career paths emerge and support functions turn to drivers of change. Finding innovative business leaders with a deep understanding of science, identifying gaps, up-skilling leaders and defining future leadership skills is essential for success in this dynamic sector.


We have experts located in all major markets in Asia. Our Practice specialists possess first-hand knowledge of the criteria for successful leadership; many are former veterans of the space, making their perspectives and insight particularly valuable to clients. We have deep expertise in multi-country and global projects, and are highly successful and well known for our work specifically in emerging markets.


We have successfully placed positions such as CEO, COO and R&D Director.


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